The Pearl Girl is grounded for good

Pearl girl on the move

After a dizzying two year blockbuster tour to Japan, the US and Italy, Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring is returning home to the Mauritshuis Museum in the Hague. The painting was allowed to go on tour while the Mauritshuis was undergoing renovations. Now that the construction has been completed, she has been hung back into the same small room she was before. During her tour, people lined up to the tune of 10,500 a day to see her, so it will nice for her to be back in her quiet home again. And now that she is back, the museum has decided she will not be lent out again.

This decision is not a unique, since there are many masterpieces that are not allowed to travel. Some are considered too fragile like Degas’ Little Dancer wax sculpture. Others are just too big like Guernica, while some are just too valuable like the Louvre’s Mona Lisa to travel. No matter, the Girl with the Pearl Earring will just be a homebody from now on. Tourists just have to remember that she’s not in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, rather a half hour train ride away to the Hague’s Maurtishuis.


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