Betwixt Between Day

Today is a day of in-betweens and hurry up and wait. I take it easy in the morning to make up for the less than-restful night of snorers. I look forward to moving on from dorm life (as nice as the people have been) and onto hotel rooms. I wander around my Berlin neighbourhood and discover a nearby street which suffered the first of the barriers built in 1961. It’s hard to imagine living through such insanity. Just beyond it this street, I find a local weekend market. I love seeing what goods, knickknacks and junk people from other parts of the world sell.
Berlin Markt.jpg
Once back in the hostel I pack and take the S-Bahn to the Schoenfeld airport which is the centre all the discount airlines. This meant that the place is overcrowded with people since most of the space is taken up by duty free stores. There are almost no seats available so people were forced to wander the halls or visit the stores to kill time. I fear this will be the future of flying.

Finally my flight gate is called and I joined the throng as we all pile down a barren corridor to wait. No chairs once again and so we use the railings like medieval misericords to lean against. Then it’s a cattle car rush to the plane which takes off into a cloudy sky. The flight is short and soon we are dropping down into the bucolic hills near Salzburg. After a scramble among the locals to claim my bag, it’s an easy bus ride into town. At first glance, Salzburg looks to be a very traditional sleepy place – especially on a Sunday. Steep-roofed houses with little railings speak of snowy winters and little antlers decorating the porches hint at a love for hunting. The rain has settled in so it is a wet walk to my hotel. The Hotel Cicuba is a small but clean establishment set at the edge of a steep forested hill. An older English woman greets me from the desk and helps me get settled in.

I unpack and after a needed nap, I get up and wander the neighbourhood in search of food. I know that Sunday means most places will be closed, but following the hotel concierge’s advice I go to the Alter Fuschs Kellar.
Alter fuchsThis basement eating establishment is a warm place filled with lots of people sitting on wooden stools, enjoying the hearty fair. I try their noodle soup and bread which is delicious. Everyone loves eating in Europe, but I never see really obese people. Considering how many stairs I’ve taken while touring, I’m not surprised. A world cup match between Greece and Costa Rica starts so I stay and watch the first half. Next to me is an American family who is here to celebrate their son’s graduation from a history degree from St. Andrew’s in Scotland. Lucky duck. Then I’m off homewards since it’s late and tomorrow I will be searching for a salt mine which promises to take all day. Unfortunately the weather looks to be just as soggy.


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